Bexhill Festival of the Sea

Homecall were proud to take part in the largest gathering of Mermaids on the 2nd September 2017 at the Bexhill Festival of the Sea. The beach was awash with 325 beautiful Mermaids and Mermen and even the Homecall Mascot Butterfly was dressed as a Mermaid! The target was set at 300 Mermaids so we will await the verification from the Guinness Book of Records. Well done Bexhill and many thanks to everyone involved in planning the event it was fabulous. Special thanks to Kathy Findlay who made our amazing costumes and to Vernon Findlay who dressed as the Homecall mascot. Also thank you to Peter Norman for the great photographs.

Homecall mermaids having fun in the sunshine

Kathy Findlay (left) made these beautiful Mermaid costumes for Homecall